watch ep 13 live here @ 5pm thursday

gthe 20th august Y2K9 (that’s a heap cool way of writing 2009). you don’t want to miss the show. it will be hot. red hot. smokin red hot. real flames smokin red hot. check it.

it was realllly hoooot. wait for the recorded version

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episode 12: in a car – probably the greatest episode yet

dave’s home internet is a little bit broken. so dave + danĀ  recorded live from dan’s car. shout out to t+j for sharing their wifi internet connection. leave yo comments foooool. peaceout.

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ep 12 – school holiday spesh

it’s been too long. we miss you. you miss us. let’s get together for an end of school holiday party! today. friday. 24 july 2K9. 530pm (sydney time). miss this and you’ll regret it. seriously. tell yo peeps. word to the street. IDEAS FOR TOP5? Leave them in comments…

it happened. it was astonishing. wow. stay tuned for downloadable version.


episode 11: giant secret from dan

special guest sam hilton from hunter bible church. we talk about michael jackson. some other things. at the end of the episode a giant secret from dan is revealed. you don’t want to miss it.

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episode 11 – live 2nite

1030pm 26th june 09 – sydney time – special after youth group timeslot. peaceout
it happened. it was amazing. stay tuned for downloadable.


episode 10: we got rick rickroll’d

we got rickrill’d. we spoke about the blood of goats vs the blood of Jesus – Jesus is better. top 5 movies that could have samuel l jackson and 400 snakes. wow. what an episode. miss it or die. seriously.

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episode 9: this isn’t an episode

episode 9 was stolen. this isn’t a replacement. we’re just letting you know how good it was. + +

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ep 10 – but what happened to 9? find out

live in like a few minutes rock it.

2 episodes recorded – stay tuned. they were incredible!

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They have forgotten that we have already launched it!!
Check it out on episode 5.
Why not check out to see what all the hooha is.
Watch this space for our special ‘fervr launch gatecrash!!’

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episode 8: we swapped seats

in breaking news, after 7 episodes of dan sitting on the right and dave on the left, this week they swapped!!! wow. they talk about their love for rangas. if you’re a ranga, or have a photo of you with a ranga, send it in for our new ranga gallery, launching next week. leave comments below!

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