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ep 17 – will be incredible. watch here thursday 7am

you won’t be disappointed about getting up to watch episode 17. it will be amazing. phenomenal. pretty good. thursday 10 december 7am (sydney summer time). peaceout homies.


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ep 16 – live wednesday 7am

this is our 2nd attempt at episode 16. last time we cancelled because dan became a father. woooot!!! 7am wednesday 2 december 09 watch the show live. bring it. it’s been too long between episodes – so don’t miss it, you don’t know when the next one will be!!!

it happened. it really was phenomenal. stay tuned for the recorded version.

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ep 16 – live saturday morning

saturday 7th of movember @ 830am – sydney time. stop watching cartoons for a little while. d & d are back and ready to explode a new live episode. rock it ninja. dan has a greasy mo. dave is still trying to grow a mo from movember 2008. be there. tell ya friendzzz.

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episdoe 15 – live friday 25th sept 7AM (syd time)

it happened. it was okay. stay tuned for downloadable.

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episode 14: putting the man back in manners

another week in fluorescent world! we hit up father’s day, manners, and we give a big plug to jesus-all about life.

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episode 14 is rocking early

6am monday morning – eastern standard time (australian).

it happened – it was incredible – stay tuned for the recorded episode.


watch ep 13 live here @ 5pm thursday

gthe 20th august Y2K9 (that’s a heap cool way of writing 2009). you don’t want to miss the show. it will be hot. red hot. smokin red hot. real flames smokin red hot. check it.

it was realllly hoooot. wait for the recorded version

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ep 12 – school holiday spesh

it’s been too long. we miss you. you miss us. let’s get together for an end of school holiday party! today. friday. 24 july 2K9. 530pm (sydney time). miss this and you’ll regret it. seriously. tell yo peeps. word to the street. IDEAS FOR TOP5? Leave them in comments…

it happened. it was astonishing. wow. stay tuned for downloadable version.


episode 11 – live 2nite

1030pm 26th june 09 – sydney time – special after youth group timeslot. peaceout
it happened. it was amazing. stay tuned for downloadable.


ep 10 – but what happened to 9? find out

live in like a few minutes rock it.

2 episodes recorded – stay tuned. they were incredible!

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