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episode 17: don’t waste your Christmas

dan preaches a christmas sermon. dave sits awkwardly through it. dan’s wife comes on the show. dave sings an awkward song to her. dan is talented at the guitar. dave is not, and so shouldn’t hold the guitar. this show is easily one of our best 17 so far. we talk about Jesus all about life. you should hide God’s word in your heart. get ready for the jesus revolution.

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ep 17 – will be incredible. watch here thursday 7am

you won’t be disappointed about getting up to watch episode 17. it will be amazing. phenomenal. pretty good. thursday 10 december 7am (sydney summer time). peaceout homies.


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episode 16: new baby + Vanuatu + LOUD

we think this episode was pretty good. dan has a baby. dave went to vanuatu with scripture union (talks are here). dave and dan want you to come to loud this friday night.

next week we’re on at 7am (sydney time) thursday 10th december. rock and roll.

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ep 16 – live wednesday 7am

this is our 2nd attempt at episode 16. last time we cancelled because dan became a father. woooot!!! 7am wednesday 2 december 09 watch the show live. bring it. it’s been too long between episodes – so don’t miss it, you don’t know when the next one will be!!!

it happened. it really was phenomenal. stay tuned for the recorded version.

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