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episode 7: tasty tasty shetland ponut

we talk about a bunch of things. i couldn’t be bothered to write about them. so just watch it.

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episode 7 live: watch this space

thursday 30 april 530pm (syd time). last episode – we had 37 watch live and another 4 billion watched via iTunes. if ur part of the 2 billion who haven’t – sub it up now:

it happened. it was incredible. stay tuned for downloadable version.

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episode 6: first eva special guest

yep. that’s right. you’ll have to watch to find out who. (but here’s a hint: air guitar runner-up dude named dale “redemption” kerrigan.) we talked about kyck. revelation 21. top 5 things to burn. shetland pony got another mention. don’t forget to send in your youth group shout outs.

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episode 6 will be fully sick(s)

it’s on the haps live on wednesday 22 april ad2009 @ 10am (EST sydney time). don’t miss it. come back here then for the party. have you sub’d in iTunes yet? do it now

it happened. it was incredible. stay tuned for downloadable show…

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episode 5: easter monday special

the tomb is empty… christ is risen! we talk about jesus. a new church that started in forster: john dickson’s new doco: soccer. camps. we can’t wait for to officially launch – so we did it! shout out to the youth @ mbm rooty hill!! 1 Cor 15.

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ep 5 live – watch this space…

10am (EST sydney, brisbane, melbourne time). monday, easter monday, 13 april 2009.

no complaints about getting up early!


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episode 4: number 1 on iTunes

dan forgot the camera. so we recorded from his computer. sorry about the buzz in the audio. dave was awake this week. last week we made it to number 1 in iTunes. yay. next episode is live on easter monday. 10am (EST sydney time). we had a live viewer in italy today! keep rocking.

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episode 4 coming to your breakfast shortly

we’re recording live very very soon. watch this it live here.

it happened. it was amazing. stay tuned for the recorded one.

we’re on again on Easter Monday 10am (EST)

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episode 4 on tomozzy morn

7am. wednesday 8 april. est time in sydney in australia in southern hemi in earth. tune in live. in case you is not in aussie. hopefully you are in greenwich. it’s +10 hours from there. cya then fool.

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